Adega Marel

Adega Marel arrives in the USA

Adega Marel is now part of the Brands of Portugal portfolio


With the clear objective of promoting the best that is done in Portugal when it comes to wines and spirits, Brands of Portugal is a company founded by Portuguese descendants Chris and Nelly Saraiva, based in Rumford, Rhode Island.

Looking to go far beyond the quality of the products carefully selected, Chris and Nelly fall in love with the stories behind each producer and each product: “understanding the labor-intensive work that goes into each of these products and seeing the excitement in their faces as they talk about the end result of that is all so invigorating.” These are the values they are interested in transmitting.

We, at Adega Marel, are very happy to be part of the selection of Brands of Portugal producers, and to embark on this great transatlantic adventure, taking the Amareleja name even further.

Our memory is in the wine

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