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Marel is the animal selected for the betterment of the species.
Mareleia designates the place where the herds gathered for breeding – a word that could be in the origins of the name “Amareleja”.
This wine reflects the region that creates it. Made from regional grape varieties, aims to be a faithful witness of its land.

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Our uncle Manolito was a man from an inland village called Amareleja. Both a man of the world that loved to travel, and also profoundly marked by tradition and by his roots. This wine, a tribute to him, seeks to merge two worlds. It combines the “Talha” wine, of ancient tradition, with a wine made from contemporary techniques.

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Grandfather Tonico and his friends get together, every day, to have a small glass of wine -“copinho” -, catch up and strengthen their friendship. To honor this tradition, we have created our Tonico – Vinho de Talha. To each clay pot, we’ve added the richness of the multiple native varieties present in the old vineyards. This wine is a result of the generous knowledge sharing between generations, expressing the living memory of this land and its traditions.